Konchem konchem and Aiwa Aiwa

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This is our tenth song in the series Chartbuster songs & Unknown Originals.  Konchem konchem is a super hit song from Manchu Vishnu hit film ‘Dhee'(2007).  Chakri is the music director.  He sang the song along with singer Kausalya.

This song is similar to Lebanese song Aiwa Aiwa sung by singer Darine based in Lebanon.  The single song was released in 2004.  The song was included in the album Ma Rulez Later and it was released in 2009.   Aiwa Aiwa song is a chartbuster across the globe.  Lebanese language is more or less similar to Arabic so, many people consider this song as an Arabic song as well.

Note: It is not our intention to insult our filmmakers but we are trying to give acknowledgment to the similar tunes and we want to bring to the music lovers’ notice.  Our intention is to bring the world’s best music that has inspired out music directors to come up with chartbuster tunes. 

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