NTR Mahanayakudu Movie Review & Ratings, Balakrishna’s NTR Mahanayakudu Movie Review! 

NTR Mahanayakudu Movie Review & Ratings, Balakrishna's NTR Mahanayakudu Movie Review! 

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Ratings: 2.75/5
Movie Name: NTR Mahanayakudu
Release date: 22 February 2019
Cast: Balakrishna, Vidhya Balan, Rana Daggubati
Director: Krish

NTR – Mahanayakudu is the second part of Kathanayakudu which is the biopic of actor cum politician Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao. The first part “NTR-Kathanayakudu”, which was released in the last month has received a positive talk from the onlookers but failed at the box office records. Now, the second part of the movie has been released with huge hopes. Let’s see, will this second part reach to the audience or not!


NTR Mahanayakudu concludes Basavatarakanm, the spouse of Sr. NTR who has been experiencing cancer. And what circumstances he faced in his personal and political career is the storyline of #NTRMahanayakudu. 


NBK proceeds from where he left in the initial part of  NTRbiopic Kathanayakudu. The seniority part of Sr. NTR has fit the star well as its all the more near his age. He gets the characteristic of his dad well and expands on it to convey an affable execution. The point to recall here is that Balakrishna has made the part agreeable and a great deal of it is because of the dialogue delivery of the NBK. We see a greater amount of Balakrishna as opposed to NTR on the screen which makes it “affable” for the fans, however, doesn’t turn into a significant lifetime role for the onlookers.  Vidya Balan proceeds from where she left. The character is flawlessly done. Rana in the role of CBN is his standard self playing a calculative individual. Kalyan Ram is one dimensional and unremarkable. Sachin Khedekar is fine in his part. Supriya Vinod resembles the character she plays, however with regards to acting, it resembles completing a spoof. Vennela Kishore, Bharat Reddy, Daggubati Raja, and others are okay. 


Krish has better spotlight account savvy on the second part contrasted with the first. There are no deviations for ‘true to life’ purposes. It is additionally the shortcoming of the biopic. With no ‘genuine’ drawing in a story to educate and it being all regarding governmental issues and that too just a little part, the entire thing tracks the line of publicity. 

What’s more, on that score, it doesn’t generally have a generous effect. The ascent of NTR as a symbol could have been finished quickly in the opening thirty minutes, and the rest could have been about his political voyage. It would have maintained a strategic distance from the publicity tag too. After a decent opening, we straight away bounce into the political scenes of NTR. The starting parts are alright. It assembles force with the entry of Indira Gandhi’s character and proceeds until the triumph. Post that, the vitality plunges and is again raised with the disappointment of government worker’s square over the retirement age. The entire succession is flawlessly executed passing on three distinct issues identified with the administration of NTR, the plotting idea of Nadendla Bhaskar and the friend in need of great importance Chandra Babu Naidu. Notwithstanding, the governmental issues before long gives a route for passionate family dramatization including the spouse and the wife point. It is a benefit and downside for the film, as it takes an exceptionally ordinary and unsurprising way and bores the group of onlookers notwithstanding all the truthfulness appeared by the on-screen characters on screen.

The peak finishes on a sensational note that is non-political which again fixes all the development to that point. Generally, there are fragments in NTR – Mahanayakudu which work, however, those are few of every a two-hour length film. The couple dramatization got for passionate intrigue is standard as is the political advancement. 


Music by MM Keeravani is okay. Interestingly, they are put well in the story. The BGM is better than average. The cinematography is slick. The editing could have been something more, particularly in the first half. The discoursed by Sai Madhav Burra are magnificent, and they increase the value of the sequences.

Plus Points:

  • Casting
    Few scenes

Minus Points:

  • Lack of Emotional Connect
  • Predictable scenes
  • Screenplay


NTR – Mahanayakudu is a purposeful publicity film that bombs in doing what it needs to do, as the account gives an unmistakable sign that producers are unsure of what to do.

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