Pilla Chao and Bella Ciao

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This is our sixth song in the series Chartbuster songs & Unknown Originals.  Pilla Chao is a super hit song from Superstar Mahesh Babu film ‘Businessman'(2012).  The lyrics are penned by Bhaskarabhatla.  Rahul Nambiar is the singer and S. Thaman is the music director.

This is similar to Italian song Bella Ciao.  It is an Italian folk song and later it became an anti-fascist resistance song. It was used by the Italian partisans during the Italian Civil War between 1943 and 1945 in their struggle against the fascist Italian Social Republic and its Nazi German allies. It is used worldwide as an anti-fascist hymn of freedom and resistance.   But we are going to present you the recent composition of the Bella Ciao(1993) song by the Italian folk band Modena City Ramblers(MCR in short).

Note: It is not our intention to insult our filmmakers but we are trying to give acknowledgment to the similar tunes and we want to bring to the music lovers’ notice.  Our intention is to bring the world’s best music that has inspired out music directors to come up with chartbuster tunes.

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